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Option-2 System

The Option-2 System is a stand-alone card access control system that grows with your company - this system will serve a smaller facility with only 1-2 doors, and can expand for up to 8 doors. You can still have a fully operational, Windows-based card access system.

Option-2 Capabilities

  • Custom control of personnel access
    You can configure your system to allow access to select personnel in any combination of cardholder, group, door, time, date and location - You can customize your security to limit access to certain individuals by time or by location.
  • Lock and unlock doors based on scheduled time of day and/or day of week
    Unlock the front lobby door during business hours for public access, but require a valid card for entry after hours.
  • System can be programmed and operated remotely
    If you have an internet connection, you can control remote locations from your computer - at your desk or from home. Cardholders can be added and deleted, new personnel settings updated, etc.

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Option-2 Plus

When your office needs to expand from two doors up to 8 doors, the Option-2 PLUS upgrade is easily added to your existing system. Install additional Option-2 boards and you have increased your security coverage - up to four control panels now work in tandem with the same software - No new software is required.

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