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Learn More about our Web-based Access System

Entry-Master® System V is a complete Web-based card access control system.  It combines multiple scanning technologies, including Proximity, Infra-red, Wiegand, Magnetic Stripe, Barcode or Biometrics.

The System V works with "state-of–art" personal computer (PC) technology and field-proven access control software. This combination provides an easy-to-use, upgradable card access control system.

Entry-Master produces System V, uses modular hardware and software.  This means that you can expand the system without eliminating major system components.  New software options can be added. by applying software upgrades to the existing system.  Modem support comes standard for remote system monitoring and control.

Entry-Master System V Card Access Control System has a graphical user interface that is mouse-driven.  In this version, you navigate, create records, and modify information by clicking on links and buttons.  The <Tab> key is used to move from field to field and making selections from drop-down lists speeds data entry.   Every window on Entry-Master System V uses the same basic editing functions and buttons.

Sample Cardholder Screen

Various features in the web-based version of Entry-Master System V include:

  • Web-based tools give Entry-Master System V the comfortable look and feel of a graphical user interface.
  • Drop-down lists add to the ease of data entry and increase data reliability.
  • Hyperlinks quickly navigate you through Entry-Master System V.
  • Buttons enhance the simplicity of data entry management.
  • Online Help for immediate assistance.

E-mail us  to arrange a Web-based demonstration of the Entry-Master System V software, or click here to have one of our company representatives contact you.

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