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Entry-Master Online User's Manual
(For Versions 5.1.2 and above)

Legacy Versions 5.0.9 and Below
Go to the Legacy v5.0.9 Manual.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction and Overview of Features
Chapter 2 - Entry-Master Quick Start Guide (New System Parameters)
Critical Section that Affects Several System Functions

Lesson 1 - Logging into the System
Lesson 2 - Logging Out of the System
Lesson 3 - Changing Your Password
Lesson 4 - Defining Card Readers
Lesson 5 - Defining Time Zones & Holidays
Lesson 6 - Defining Access Groups
Lesson 7 - Searching for a Cardholder's Record
Lesson 8  - Editing the Cardholder's Record

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Full Print Copy and Zip File - Manual v5.1.2
Full User's Manual - Print Copy
User's Manual - Zip File

Lesson 9  - Batch Updating Cards
Lesson 10 - Forgiving Cardholders
Lesson 11 - System User Maintenance
Lesson 12 - Manually Opening or Closing a Door
Lesson 13 - Accessing the On-Line Monitoring Screen
Lesson 14 - Generating and Printing Reports
Lesson 15 - Downloading Cards to EMRI-3 Boards
Lesson 16 - Adding, Editing and Integrating Cameras
Chapter 3 - Entry-Master System Reports
Chapter 4 - Using Entry-Master Disk Utilities
Appendix A - The Cardholder Record Screen
Appendix B - Entry-Master System Alarm Messages

Entry-Master Systems is located in Baltimore MD and services clients, large and small in the local area including Annapolis, Frederick, Columbia, Towson, Essex, Parkville, Timonium, Woodlawn, Owings Mill as well as Washington DC, Alexandria VA and the surrounding areas. In addition to the immediate service area, Entry-Master secures government and business facilities in Harrisburg PA, Boulder CO, Dallas TX, Richmond VA, Wilmington DE, Philadelphia PA, Atlanta GA, Orlando, Tampa and Miami FL and other locations around the USA.