Facility Mapping

Access Control from your Phone

Accessing, controlling and monitoring your card access security system has never been easier - any authorized workstation in your network can be used to access and view live video using your facility map. With our Hosted System you can monitor and control your system from home...or on vacation from your phone! Unlocking a door remotely for authorized personnel is conveniently available to you from anywhere in the world when you have a safe internet connection. Entry-Master facility mapping features include:

  • View live and/or recorded video - the map automatically opens a browser
  • Active-X driver gives you a "live" view of your facility
  • Color-coded dots on each door and each camera
  • Door lock and unlock capability
  • Text and/or e-mail notifications for alarms or any designated anomoly

Easy-to-Use Facility Mapping
High School Security Baltimore MD

24/7 Notifications and Monitoring
With the Entry-Master facility mapping you have a robust set of options for monitoring and control of your security system. The video on this page explains how easy it is to monitor your facility. Chief Software Engineer, Kevin Baker, explains how he was able to respond to a security alarm at the Entry-Master office one evening. He received an automated text alert at home indicating that a secure door was opened.

Baker was able to log into the facility map and watch the recorded video from the CCTV surveillance camera focused on the door. He walks through the process reinacting the event on this video to show how quickly and easily the EMS System can be used to investigate an alarm and rearm the system.

Entry-Master Systems is located in Baltimore MD and services clients, large and small in the local area including Annapolis, Frederick, Columbia, Towson, Essex, Parkville, Timonium, Woodlawn, Owings Mill as well as Washington DC, Alexandria VA and the surrounding areas. In addition to the immediate service area, Entry-Master secures government and business facilities in Harrisburg PA, Boulder CO, Dallas TX, Richmond VA, Wilmington DE, Philadelphia PA, Atlanta GA, Orlando, Tampa and Miami FL and other locations around the USA.